How to quickly and easily remove odours from a hotel guest room

Room odours can be very annoying, especially for housekeepers and facility managers. In Singapore, we face many different kinds of smells, including mould and mildew, body odour, perfume, tobacco, and food odours.

Fortunately, they are very simple and easy to remove and quickly neutralize them so you can turn the room over quickly, or freshen it for an incoming guest.

Our company, ProMedUSA, has been supporting the hospitality and F&B industry here in Singapore, and Malaysia for over 16 years. Odour removal is our specialty!

We have several products that you can use - either our small portable Ozone Generators (also called ozonizers or active oxygen generators), or our newer AirPro-1, AirPro-MAX or AirPro-PLUS series of bipolar ionizers (they generate both positively and negatively charged Oxygen ions).

Either product will do an excellent job of quickly and safely eliminating those odours, whether they are caused by mould & mildew, body odour, perfume, food odours, or tobacco odours.

Lets first discuss how to remove these with our Ozone Generators (or ozonizers). Our most popular models are the UV SG600T36 MiniPro or the UV SG1200T36 MiniPro. Each of these models has a built in electronic timer, with settings of 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hr, 2,4,8,12, 18 and 36 hours.

Assuming you have a normal room with light odours, what we would usually suggest is to place the ozone generator on a table, or even a chair to keep is above the floor (please - never put the unit on the floor!) and activate the timer for 10 minutes. Keep the room aircon on, or the ceiling fan on to keep the sir in the room circulating, and close all the windows and doors. For stronger odours, we usually recommend a 30 minute setting. In either case, the ProMedUSA ozone generator will come on, and stay on for the
desired time period, then automatically shut off. You don't need to do anything else. It's automatic!

That should eliminate all of the odours in the room. Wait about 15-30 minutes for all of the ozone smell to disappear before your guest checks in as some people do not like the slightly sweet / metallic smell of our ozone. But, that will be completely gone in just a few minutes.

Some of our hotels like to leave a flyer or letter in the room to advise their guest that you have sanitized the room for them. It's great PR and guests are happy for the extra effort.

I've attached an example of one that we use. We can provide these for you with your property's logo on it if you wish.

Any questions... just email us at and we will be happy to help you.

See all of our many models of portable UV ozone generators at:

Our next blog will discuss how to use our AirPro series of portable bipolar ionizers in a room or space.